About Us

Our educational policy guides teachers to observe, plan and reflect on play and learning experiences such as children’s interactions so that we continue to provide quality education within and beyond the classrooms.

Our school’s Educational Policy, which is also our vision and mission, holds these two beliefs:

Children learn and grow at their pace and interests
Real learning happens when a child is able to choose his play interests as a first-hand experience and discover that activity as he plays according to his heart. We respect every child’s individuality and do not impose an “ideal image” of a child based on adults’ definition. We encourage children to take pride of their own learning by choosing what they want to do and be engaged in the activities. When children choose the play activities by themselves, they become absorbed in their learning, and exhibit concentration in their activities. These learning opportunities will allow children to develop self-awareness, discover new ideas and establish their own learning capabilities.
Our child-initiated play environment is the best environment to nurture infinite learning possibilities

Like planting seeds, we provide plenty of resources in our environment for children to grow so that they flourish like a giant tree with colorful flowers, with great charm and vitality. When acting on our philosophy, we respect each child’s individuality and independence, and we believe in the children’s potential for growth.

With careful planning and preparation of the classrooms and play areas by teachers, children feel safe and free during their exploration. Whether it is to discover new learning opportunities or revisiting past experiences, children get to explore many learning possibilities through self-discovery, peer and social interactions within our favorable environment.

To build a foundation for living and learning based on each and every child’s terms, so that, individually, they define their own happiness in life.

- Coco-Ro Learning House


Should you have any inquiries related to our programs or schedules, do leave us an email. Any suggestion or feedback is welcome too!