Daily Program

Corner Play

We foresee the children’s interests and intentions towards play activities, so with our close observation, we prepare the places, tools, materials, etc. required for children’s play. Children explore play in the environment as they exercise the freedom to choose the activities on their own.

Play areas such as Art corner, Socio-Dramatic corner and Blocks corner etc. will be those that children can choose from and concentrate on to develop freely. Teachers, who are also Play Facilitators, are ready to be involved so that children can continuously learn through play, developing creative skills as teachers scaffold the children’s development based on their interests.

Thematic Play
Children will continue to explore and build up their creativity through scheduled monthly themes where teachers prepare various activities that involve songs and dances (music & movement), art & crafts, gross motor and other experiential activities. These activities are carried out in the classrooms as teachers prepare learning materials that are both child-centered and child-friendly such as using English-themed pictures and words on walls. By exploring a variety of play and learning opportunities, children can rediscover their interests and strengthen the activities that they are good at.


Should you have any inquiries related to our programs or schedules, do leave us an email. Any suggestion or feedback is welcome too!