Special Program


Any tiny object can spark every child’s infinite creativity, unlocking his potential power for learning. A small nut on the ground found by a child can lead him to sing a song or find other nuts to sort and count. A leaf found on a bench can lead him to associate it with an animal or imagine the smell of fruits in front of them.

At Coco-Ro, teachers provide an environment where children develop spontaneous awareness and creativity that can be expanded infinitely. Through various art activities that promote skills like painting, drawing, modeling, sculpting, and crafts for special events, children get to experience boundless opportunities to expand the way they see, think and feel things. As such, this art avenue fosters children’s Souzou (imagination and creativity).


Through various physical exercises, children develop a sense of balance and coordination, and move their limbs firmly to cultivate their bodies and brain functions. We plan our outdoor physical and gym activities regularly, within our school program. Children get to explore outdoor sports facilities as they play to their heart’s content, such as playing a ball game, and learn to understand and follow sports rules. They also get to challenge their own abilities as they attempt to balance on beams, do a pull-up on a horizontal bar and jump through obstacle courses amongst other gym activities.

Children also get to play in teams to develop communications skills, cooperation and sportsmanship. Accompanying class teachers ensure the children’s safety and provide them with encouragement and praises for their efforts, boosting their socio-emotional development. So, by showing perseverance and experiencing a sense of accomplishment together, the children will realise the importance of trying through their persistent efforts that leads to their achievements over time.

Drama (Performance Day)
Through dramatic activities (a story or play), children will develop the ability to express themselves and convey their feelings and actions. Some examples are the ability to cooperate, grasp the feelings of the other party or characters through emotions, intonation of the voice, facial expressions and the use of body language. Particularly for older children, they get to plan, discuss and decide on the story or play, that includes the setting, plot, characters, content and moral. Children will then feel that their actions and contributions have meaning.
English Language & English Phonics

English is the main language for teaching, learning and interacting with the children. Children will be exploring opportunities to contribute their knowledge and experiences through speaking, listening, reading and making lively conversations, as well as conveying their feelings and needs, wants and interests.

To further nurture the interest and love for English, a child-friendly English phonics program is used as a supplementary activity within our program. This specialized small group teaching of phonics encourages children to develop the ability to communicate confidently in English in individualized ways. They also apply their English knowledge and experiences by carrying out pre-writing and writing activities.


Should you have any inquiries related to our programs or schedules, do leave us an email. Any suggestion or feedback is welcome too!