Why Coco-Ro

To build a foundation for living and learning based on each and every child’s terms, so that, individually, they define their own happiness in life.
- Coco-Ro Learning House

In order to explore the future and enrich one’s life in the future, we believe that one must have the agency (freedom, ability and power) to define “What is my happy life?

Through quality experiences in our early childhood setting, we strive to build a strong foundation where children can define their own happiness for their future. We support their learning by creating an environment where children are empowered to think, choose and act for themselves, as well as make decisions about play independently.

At Coco-Ro Learning House, we have various activities to achieve this educational philosophy.


Should you have any inquiries related to our programs or schedules, do leave us an email. Any suggestion or feedback is welcome too!